Complete range of Inventory Management System features

All in One – Inventory Management Software, manage your stocks from a single application without losing control.

track your stocks
Track your items

Inventory Keeper is a simple inventory management system designed to make tracking and managing your products as easy as possible.

  • Create your items with unlimited attributes
  • Keep count of your items in real-time
  • Create and manage your items using QR code
  • Tracks items you have in stock as you import and export.
  • Easily add and update stock volumes and item values.
Warehouse Management

One-click solutions to your day-to-day warehouse management needs

  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Transfer stock between warehouses
  • Quickly check the stock level in storage
  • Anticipate demand and fill orders smoothly with the correct amount of stocks
  • Better insights about warehouses
warehouse management system
generate realtime reports
Real-time inventory reports

You can track an individual item's performance over a set of time for an informed decision about your stocking and pricing

  • No need to manually manage your sales report
  • See how particular items are performing
  • An item with the best profit margin
  • Analyse your business data over time
  • Early detection of any trends towards losing customers
Generate invoice on-demand

Quickly and easily create invoices from sales data without additional entry and export them as required

  • Add items to the invoice with minimal effort and automatic billing
  • Quickly edit previous invoices
  • Easy to track which sales orders result in invoices
  • Time-saving with improved accuracy and transparency of billing
  • Exact sales figures are readily available for tax compliance, reporting and analysis
free stock manager software
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End to end tracking

Always know where your items are and always know if they're on exporting or importing route

  • Always keep track of the movement of the items
  • Have better control over the stocks
  • Reduces loss of item due to mismanagement
  • Dramatically reduce costs
  • Enhanced warehouse visibility
Client database

Whenever a new order is entered into Inventory Keeper, the client data is also imported and added to the built-in customer database. Any future orders made by the same client can be tracked in a dedicated sales section for each client.

Pay by Installments

If you have customers whose payment terms are spread out over a long period, we can help you track their instalment payments. These payments are generally arranged for a large order so that the buyer can pay at his convenience.

QR Code-based tracking

Installing a QR code-based inventory management system will help you improve your accuracy and efficiency, streamline your fulfilment process. QR code-based inventory management can help you pinpoint all of your stock at any point in time.

Mobile App

With your mobile app, we’ve made it easier for you to get things done when you’re on the go. We help you be more productive and make life just a little bit easier.When time matters, we let you work from wherever you are.


Create a customisable database solution that allows you to build and organise your stock details, item sales history and any other information required to help run your business. A flexible and easy to use software that allows you to manage your business and client details in one place.

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